Speedway Children’s Charity Golf Event

Integrated Fire Protection was an event sponsor for Friday’s Speedway Children’s Annual Golf Event held at Crystal Lakes Golf Club in Hampton, GA. We are proud to be to be associated with such a great organization where the sole focus is to give aid to the less fortunate children of Atlanta, Georgia. Speedway Children’s Charities was founded by Bruton Smith, Chairman of Speedway Motorsports Incorporated (SMI) and Sonic Automotive, as a memoriam and legacy to his son, Bruton Cameron Smith, who he lost at a very young age. Given that experience, Smith became passionate about wanting to help children in need and Speedway Children’s Charities was created.

John Bennett/ President of IFP, alongside Jeff Crittenden (Championship Long Driver / Trick & Power Shot extraordinaire), Brandon Hutchinson Assistant General Manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway, and Billy Brewster Account Executive for Integrated Fire Protection

In 1994, Atlanta Motor Speedway and the Optimist Clubs of Henry and Clayton counties formed the Atlanta Chapter of the Speedway Children’s Charities, a nonprofit organization committed to raising funds to be distributed to qualified children’s charitable organizations. The Atlanta Chapter of the Speedway Children’s Charities has raised over a million dollars to date. Grants are given to a variety of organizations and most likely have touched the life of someone you know. These funds are raised by the generous support of the racing and corporate communities, alike. As a result of our company’s long standing history with Atlanta Motor Speedway, we have been able to form an equally rewarding relationship with the Speedway Children’s Charities. We are grateful to have formed such a strong relationship with an organization that supports the care for children in educational, financial, social and medical need in order to help lead productive lives. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate in an event that is able to encourage and provide for those children who are less fortunate.

John Bennett/ President of IFP, alongside Brandon Hutchinson Assistant General Manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway, Billy Brewster Account Executive for Integrated Fire Protection, and TIGER WOODS (OK – so we’re just seeing if you’re paying attention, although that would have been cool!)

For more information on Speedway Children’s Charities, please visit

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Unholy Tour of 2015

Integrated Fire Protection recently took part in raising awareness by attending the Unholy Tour of 2015 with Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols on January 20, 2015.   Integrated Fire Protection President John Bennett and Inspection & Service Manager Taylor Carlock attended the eye-opening event.  There were many others in attendance, including Georgia State Senators Mike Dugan, Mike Crane and Renee Unterman, as well as Andrew Schoppe (Salvation Army) and Richard Elliot (Channel  2 Action News), just to name a few.

The primary goal of the tour was to enlighten political decision makers, local business owners and concerned citizens in regards to the reality of sexual trafficking in Georgia.  While sexual exploitation is a global problem, it has been documented that Atlanta is the number one hub in the United States for the commercial sexual exploitation of children.

Kasey McClure, our guide on this sobering trip, described to the diverse group in attendance the challenges that a young female experiences while trapped in the lifestyle of exotic dancing, prostitution and sexual slavery.  During the tour, McClure shared her journey and advocated for her ministry 4Sarah in which she aids women currently ensnared “in the life” of sexual exploitation.

The Tour coincided with the End It Movement Shine a Light on Slavery Day which occurred on February 27, 2015.  On this day, freedom fighters across the globe marked red X’s on their hands in a show of solidarity, promoting awareness, prevention, rescue and restoration.

Please join Integrated Fire Protection in praying for all young women and childreninvolved in such difficult situations around the world, especially in our home town.  We also pray for the safety of all Metro Atlanta law enforcement officers as they continue to put their lives on the line to make Atlanta a better place to live for all.

Check out the footage from Chanel 2: Lawmakers Tour Local Sex Trafficking Hot Spots

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Portable Fire Extinguisher Training made easy!


Without proper training, it’s easy to make a bad situation worse! Provide your employees with expert training by The Life Safety Professionals at Integrated Fire Protection- call us today for more information!

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Spring in to Fire Safety with Portable Fire Extinguisher Training

After a chilly winter, looks like we are finally springing” into some warmer temperatures and more pleasant weather that is certainly welcome.  Our winter was busy and consisted of servicing many of our clients’ fire protection needs.  Recently though, we have been thinking up and cultivating new ways to serve our clients this spring and summer.  We’ve also been ramping up to accommodate our growth and have added some new faces around the office, mine included, that are enthusiastic about making Integrated Fire Protection the one stop source when it comes to fire and life safety products and services.  A few times each quarter, we will be highlighting specific services, deals, events, and cool stories about our fire and life safety professionals on our blog.  Keep an eye out in the coming months for important topics like mass notification, where we will guide you in improving your company’s safety and security, while remaining compliant.

This month, our highlighted service is portable fire extinguisher training.  According to the International Fire Code, 408.7.1 Employee Training:

Employees shall be instructed in the proper use of portable extinguishers and other manual fire suppression equipment. Training of new staff shall be provided promptly upon entrance on duty. Refresher training shall be provided at least annually.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) 1910.157 standard mandates that as an employer you are responsible for your facility’s fire safety and evacuation plan.  Whether that means all employees are trained in fire extinguisher use or just a few employees are trained, the safety of your employees should be top priority.  OSHA also requires that portable fire extinguishers be available for employee use and has issued standards for the location, maintenance and class/level of the fire extinguishers.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 10 Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers code D.1.1.3 states:

Use the PASS method to operate an extinguisher

It is not enough for the protection planner to determine the hazard of a location or area within a building and then select a proper type and size of fire extinguisher to fit the hazard. He or she needs to take into account any problems of getting the fire extinguisher into action, and the difficulty of properly applying the extinguishing agent. The planner should also consider who is the most likely to use the fire extinguisher and should estimate the degree of skill or training that person should have.

That’s where we come in!

Not only can Integrated Fire Protection supply your facility with the initial installation of extinguishers and provide inspections and maintenance on all types and sizes of extinguishers, we will also professionally train your employees on proper fire extinguisher techniques.  The Fire Equipment Manufacturer’s Association (FEMA) highlights that when a fire is extinguished with a portable fire extinguisher during the incipient stages of a fire, deaths, injuries, and property damage are minimized significantly. Additionally, professional employee training on fire extinguisher techniques makes emergency procedures considerably more effective.

So what’s your next step?  Call Integrated Fire Protection today and schedule training for your employees.  Let us communicate the necessary knowledge to your company, ultimately providing you the confidence that your employees are educated and confident in how to extinguish a fire.  To speak with a fire and life safety professional, please call us at 770-458-8828 or visit our website at to view these and all the other services we proudly offer.

Before for your next scheduled training takes place, check out this video on the basics of portable fire extinguisher procedures from FEMA:

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A very Merry Christmas from Integrated Fire Protection. It is hard to believe that another year is quickly coming to a close. As we gather with friends and family to celebrate the birth of our Savior, we also reflect and are grateful for the many blessings and relationships cultivated throughout the year.

This holiday season, Integrated Fire Protection wishes you and family the gifts of comfort, joy, peace and safety.

Traditionally, most homes and businesses display a Christmas tree, decorated with lights and ornaments from years past. When it comes to picking out your tree and maintaining it throughout the Christmas season, we would like to share some Christmas Tree Safety tips. (See image below)

Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association recommends turning off the tree lights when you leave your house or business, as well as before you go to bed each night.  They also caution to never use candles to decorate the tree. It is reminders like these that can help to ensure your safety and protection throughout the Holidays.

Our team is devoted to providing the highest quality, most accurate and up to date fire and life safety systems. Integrated Fire Protection is always available to answer any of your fire & life safety questions or concerns you may have.

From our team here Integrated Fire Protection, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas as well as a happy and prosperous New Year.

Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.

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Happy Thanksgiving from Integrated Fire Protection

Our family here at Integrated Fire Protection is wishing you and yours a memorable and warm Thanksgiving.

Our family here at Integrated Fire Protection is wishing you and yours a memorable and warm Thanksgiving.  From turkeys to a game of backyard football, we hope your holiday is chockfull of memories for years to come.  We’re celebrating our Thanksgiving with loved ones and a few family traditions, such as sneaking a slice of pumpkin pie before enjoying the turkey and gravy.

Whatever your tradition may be, at some point it probably involves gathering in the kitchen around whatever is cooking.  With many helping hands about the stove and oven, it is entirely possible for a burner or appliance to be forgotten or left unattended.  We at Integrated Fire Protection want to provide a few friendly reminders on how to keep your kitchen safe and protect your friends and family from injury this holiday season.

In the matter of minutes, a burnt turkey could turn into the least of your worries.  A perfect example of this is an apartment complex located in Marietta, GA, which has experienced a building fire four times in the last five years (according to CBS 46).  The most recent disaster burned 16 condominium apartments.  Luckily, no one has ever been seriously injured.  However, families have been displaced and lost irreplaceable valuables such as wedding videos and pictures.

Integrated Fire Protection, The Life Safety Professionals, wants to stress the importance of taking time to ensure your family is protected this holiday season.  “Cooking is the leading cause of residential fires during the Thanksgiving Holiday and throughout the year,” according to the Gwinnett County Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

Last year we released tips on how to fry a turkey safely.  Below we are pleased to bring you our Best Kitchen Safety Practices to ensure a truly happy and safe Thanksgiving this year:

• Replace the batteries to your fire alarms and check that they are functioning normally.
• Locate the fire extinguisher in the kitchen and be sure it’s up to date.  Review the directions and feel confident about using it in case of an emergency.
• Be sure the oven and stove are thoroughly cleaned after use.  Oven fires can start and burn without detection for minutes before being noticed.
• Remember to use a timer to ensure that you don’t leave anything in the oven for too long.
• Remove any flammables around the stove top.

We encourage you to implement the tips above this Thanksgiving and year round.  Please be sure to call or email us with any questions, concerns or any fire protection or safety products you may be in need of.

Integrated Fire Protection is grateful for so much this holiday season, especially for all of our clients and employees.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Winterization Notice

Integrated Fire Protection encourages you to begin preparing for the winter maintenance needed on fire sprinkler systems.

Fall Greetings!

With fall now into its full pageantry of colors, Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away and football season into a fevered pitch, it can only indicate that sustained freezing temperatures are probably not too far away. Last year was an unprecedented year for the South with the brutal winter we all sustained. While we hope it isn’t another historic winter here in the deep South, I’m sure Old Man Winter has a few surprises for us. With that, like my grandfather use to say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!”

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), all commercial fire sprinkler systems should be inspected and winterized annually.

Having your fire sprinkler system winterized is vital to preventing accidental water damage that may occur when water freezes and damages pipes, resulting in unexpected and costly leaks. For more information on the requirements to keep fire sprinkler systems from freezing, refer to the codes found in NFPA 13 and NFPA 25.

Integrated Fire Protection stands ready to provide winterization maintenance, in addition to annual/quarterly inspections, to serve you in preparing for winter and all it has to throw our way.

Preparation for winter weather should begin now! Please call Integrated Fire Protection today and allow us to dispatch a certified Integrated Fire Protection inspector or technician to help you battle the elements. Reach us today at (770) 458-8828 to check availability and find out more on how Integrated Fire Protection can assist with your winterization needs.

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Farenhyt’s 2014 Annual Distributor Conference in Dallas, TX

Integrated Fire Protection attended the Farenhyt Focus 2014 conference in Dallas, TX

In September, key management executives from Integrated Fire Protection attended The Silent Knight by Honeywell Annual Conference in Dallas, Texas.  This year’s focus was on Silent Knight’s Farenhyt Line. The Farnehyt line provides advanced fire protection by offering an assortment of fire alarm and emergency  communication systems to meet the needs of large or small facilities. Farenhyt aims to offer systems that are all-in-one with combined fire alarm and emergency communication systems, easy to use, and cost effective. For more information on Farenhyt, visit or contact Integrated Fire Protection.

Events throughout the four day conference included a presentation from keynote speaker, Ryan Estis, a variety of workshops and a vendor exhibition.

The Farenhyt 2014 conference had numerous workshops, which focused on three areas: Product, Business and Industry.  Integrated Fire Protection was present for workshops that covered many topics, highlights of key workshops are listed below:

• Fire Alarm Requirements of the Model Building Codes and how they work with NFPA 72
• System Sensor New Technologies and Solutions
• New Design Requirements & New Technology
• Networking with your fellow Farenhyt Distributors
•  IFP-Net-3 Graphic Monitoring Workstation
•  Emergency Communication Applications
• New Technology and its Impact on Fire Alarm System Cabling
• Emergency Communication Applications

Integrated Fire Protection is proud to partner with Silent Knight by Honeywell as an official distributor of Farenhyt products.

At the conference, Integrated Fire Protection executives had the opportunity to network with vendors such as ADI, Honeywell, System Sensor, and Space Age Electronics. The conference was first class and provided an excellent source of training, networking with other dealers from around the nation, VIP treatment, and some local touches for fun, including a real Texas Long Horn, as well as, a hilarious armadillo race!

Integrated Fire Protection is proud to partner with Silent Knight by Honeywell as an official distributor of Farenhyt. For more information on how Integrated Fire Protection can be of service in relation to all of your fire alarm, mass notification and technology needs please call us today at 770-458-8828.

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Unveiling our refreshed design and fleet for Integrated Fire Protection

After 13 years of service, IFP is in the process of revamping our entire fleet to go into the next decade with a renewed commitment of providing our clients with the highest degree of excellence and professionalism and feel our new design underscores that commitment.

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Integrated Fire Protection Attends “The Fire Within – Igniting Passion for Ritz-Carlton Performance Excellence”

To educate and encourage Integrated Fire Protection employees to perform our broad range of services with excellence, members of the IFP management team attended a presentation by The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, “The Fire Within – Igniting Passion for Ritz-Carlton Performance Excellence” on October 1st.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle summarized the focus of the conference as, “Leaders who want to involve their employees in the planning of the work that affects them and inspire them to performance excellence will benefit from this experience.  Leaders will see how to motivate their employees to volunteer their best at work every day. This program focuses on how to tap into your emotional intelligence, thereby inspiring pride and passion in your employees.”

Topics covered during the presentation included:
• Clearly defining functions to set the foundation for Ritz-Carlton performance
• Aligning purposes to create passionate individuals
• How passion at work can be related to business results

Integrated Fire Protection is proud to share many of the same qualities as The Ritz-Carlton in that IFP strives daily to serve our clients with the highest degree of excellence and professionalism.

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