FIRE Alarms

In the event of a fire, seconds count. That is why having a properly functioning fire alarm system is critical. One of the key elements of the fire alarm system is the ability for notification and evacuation of occupants. In addition, adequate exit routes and occupant familiarity with an escape plan is essential.

A fire alarm system provides an audible and visible alarm signal as the result of the actuation of a fire alarm pull station, automatic operation of a fire detector such as a smoke or heat detector or the automatic operation of a protective system such as a sprinkler system. Another important element of the fire alarm system is its ability to provide continuous 24 hour monitoring, which can notify the local fire department in the emergency.
Our expert staff will lead you from professional design and installation of your new system to maintaining the system as required by national, state and local fire codes.

Service and Parts:
Our staff stands ready to assist any regular or unscheduled service requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1.800.245.1392. Additionally, Integrated Fire Protection carries a full line of fire alarm system components, including panels, horn-strobes, pull stations, pull station protective covers and batteries.