In the event that your facility loses power or has a fire, the proper functioning of Exit and Emergency Lighting is paramount. NFPA 101 Life Safety Code & OSHA both require that these illumination devices be in place, tested at regular intervals and be in proper working order. A practical evacuation plan must include comprehensive exit and emergency lighting systems. When the power goes out or smoke obscures the view, the glowing lights of a well-planned emergency and exit lighting system become beacons to occupants’ safety.

Integrated Fire Protection will help you keep your building up to code with our well-trained and knowledgeable staff. We carry a full line of exit and emergency lighting systems, as well as bulbs, batteries, protective guards and replacement parts. 

Exit Signs
Integrated Fire Protection carries a wide variety of styles to choose from. All of our commercial lines are flame rated, with high-impact thermoplastic housings. They feature a solid-state charger, universal mounting, test button, low voltage disconnect, LED indicator, replaceable pop-out arrows, back-up battery and 120/277VAC operation.  Additionally, they meet the latest Chevron directional arrow requirements UL924 and are all UL listed products.  Any of our exit light lines can be utilized to meet the requirements in the NFPA 101 standard.

Emergency Lighting
Integrated Fire Protection carries a broad line of emergency lighting products that utilize a low profile design in a neutral finish of injection molded, flame rated, high impact thermoplastic housing. Some of their features include: universal mounting with ""EZ"" quick connect for easy installation, push-to-test switch, solid-state charger, low voltage disconnect (universal voltage 120/277VAC operation) and power-on LED indicator light. They come standard with two fully adjustable side mounted or top mounted, glare-free lighting heads. All of our lines are UL listed, and can be utilized to meet the requirements in the NFPA 101 standard.

Special Lighting Products
Integrated Fire Protection also sells Self Luminous Exit Signs that require absolutely no power to operate! They are always on, always up to code.  These innovative signs are Tritium powered and come with either a 10- or 20-year life span.

Integrated Fire Protection also carries an industrial line of lighting products that can be pieced together to meet special specifications such as coverage for high heat areas and shatter-proof lenses for food manufacturing facilities.